Hi, I am Doris Polak Kuder.

With compassionate inquiring and gratitude through all the challenges of life!

Master of Pharmacy,
certified from Dr. Gabor Mate approach


— What can I do for you?

Can you hear the whispers of your life?

Before you break up, your partner and you will whisper your needs. Before your business goes backrupt, your customers will whisper their complaints. Before you resign or get fired, your boss will whisper his vision. Before your body gets sick, it whispers its neeeds. 

Learn to listen to the whisper. Are you afraid of what’s next? Tired of controlling your life? Connect back to your wisdom with approach of Dr.Gabor Mate (called Compassionate Inquiry). 

I will support you with my presence, experience and skills. 

I growed through my experience with allergies and asthma, the experience of my two children with food allergies, department leading experience from Swiss pharmaceutical company and my expertise as a Master of Pharmacy, a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, SIQ trained in school for leadership, certified NLP Practitioner and Coach and a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner. 

I will support your process, help you with your questions and help you live life to the fullest.

Are you eager to live a life filled with more satisfaction, purpuse, liveliness, joy, gratitude and peace? 

Schedule a free consultation and find out whether you can benefit from our talks.

You feel stuck? With no purpose? Lack of motivation?

Either you have never explored your mind, emotions and body OR you have already done some steps, but the changes didn’t integrate in your life?

You are searching for your authenticity, joy, confidence? Your True Self?

Compassionate Inquiry is a unique process of introspection developed by the renowned Dr. Gabor Mate. It changed my life, therefore I know it works. The question is, are you ready to change your life to the better? 




If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.