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Doris Polak Kuder, that’s me.

I am a mother of two preschool girls, Master of Pharmacy graduated at the University of Ljubljana, certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach and Compassionate inquiry Graduate and Practitioner. 

I play many roles in my life. Below you will find some that may be of interest to you.

Analytical Researcher

With an impressive pile of awards and Zois Scholarship I’ve spent years of my high school wondering what is it that I want to do. I’ve hesitated between Pharmacy and Physics.  

My studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana, equipped me well with analytical tools, knowledge about the body and the way medicines work in it. Parallel studies of physics fascinated me, but I was forced to abandon them due to my problems with allergies and asthma. After graduating in Pharmacy, I decided to take up an internship in a pharmacy and I passed my certification exam. At the same time, me and my boyfriend at the time completed our largest, 6,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, which is still adorning our wall today. I took a job in pharmaceutical industry, namely within the departments of registration of medicinal products, monitoring adverse drug reactions and quality management.

Your thoughts are seeds that you plant.
by Wayne dyer


Obstacles in life are meant to be overcome. This is my moto. Even in the hardest of times of my allergy and asthma, I haven’t given up things that genuinely inspired me; whether it was the dancing, the travels, such as my alone trip to Russia or backpacking around Asia, climbing mount Triglav, cross-country motorcycling, or bungee jumping where I met my soul-mate and also welcoming my two children. Yes, having kids is an adventure.

Moreover, it’s a mirror; a clean mirror held up for you in a way it is sometimes hard to look at your own reflection. Which is why studying Compassionate Inquiry, by the world-known author Gabor Mate, was for me a unique adventure on its own.  



Mom to children with allergies

It’s a role I didn’t want to take on. I fought it with all my might; I was determined that things would not be the same this time around. I wouldn’t want anyone, least of all my children, to go through the same experience of allergies and asthma as I did. Three months after the birth of my first daughter, my husband and I sat desperate, exhausted, covered in kid vomit, and as quiet as mice in order not to wake our daughter up for at least 10 minutes. It was in that moment that I realized many things were not what I thought them to be. For example, that a child is born a blank slate.

I breastfed exclusively both my daughters up until they were 5.5 months old. A part from gluten, I also eliminated dairy products and eggs from my diet. As a result, vomiting and regurgitation reduced significantly. We introduced solids very slowly, they followed an egg free, dairy free and gluten free diet for a longer period of time. They now eat eggs. Before turning one year old, they both had bioresonance and Bowen therapies, we worked a lot on baby handling and muscle development, which also helps strengthen the stomach sphincter muscle. They both have increased IgE.    

One year of breastfeeding, careful introduction of solid foods, alternative approaches, all of these have helped a lot. However, something kept missing. After going back to work, when I could no longer fully control the environment and was exhausted from carrying the baby around all night, I was really desperate. During one of our work seminars, the teacher said one can only change himself, he cannot change others. That is where my path to unveiling causes and solutions has begun; within me.   

our life is the creation of our mind.
by buddha

Me, the person with allergies and asthma

I know there are “worse cases of allergies and asthmas” than mine. But any comparison is absurd. It all started right after birth, with a confirmed asthma at the age of 5 and terrible nightmares without air. The fact is that allergy and asthma symptoms took complete control over my life. Be it because of constant appointments with specialists or hospitalisations and visits to the ER. Or because of packing enormous amounts of food for every single trip or constant cooking or moving my mattress from one dorm to another. Searching for sulphite free alcoholic drinks was fun as well, and I got through my graduation trip with tuna and eggs. I must not forget the sleep, tons of sleep and of course tons of handkerchiefs and toilet paper. By now, it would be worthy buying the Paloma company (TN: manufacturer of hygienic paper products). 40 times exceeded levels of IgE since childhood, confirmed allergies to grass pollen, dust mites, wheat, cats, horses, celery, peaches … lactose and histamine intolerance, treatment with inhalatory corticosteroids ever since childhood and preparatory treatment by a triple dose of antihistamine prior to visiting cat owners. The control and the management of my environment as well as a strict diet have subsequently decreased the levels of my IgE.

I haven’t been using medication for the past 3 years. I read, I study, I connect, I explore the epigenetics, I study the calming down of the nervous system and I wish to offer my children a better starting point. I’m in charge of the Allergy and Asthma Interest Group within the Compassionate Inquiry community. Can we and how do we overcome the manifestation of allergies and asthma in our lives?

“Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become your actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”
Frank Jackson